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Zongshan District Health Center, Taipei City: To the Elderly with Love; Healthy Aging, Love without Barriers

To the Elderly with Love; Healthy Aging, Love without Barriers

 The Department of Health, Taipei City continues to promote healthy living patterns for the elderly through cross-department and cross-field operations as well as original healthy-city structure and public and private resources to review and investigate the needs of community elders, and develop strategies as a reference . The fundamental strategy --- based on opinions of the grassroots, should be adopted to enhance the mechanism and degree of civic participation. In terms of community support and health service, promote “the establishment of “walking trails” at Expo Park and community gridiron-style walking trails”, “senior group exercise”, “senior citizen dance contest”, and “evergreen health station”; in terms of special senior preventive care service, promote “age-friendly activities for the elderly with dementia”, “case management of the solitary elderly”, and “distance care for the solitary elderly-citizen health living care service”.
The community gridiron-style walking trails.
The establishment of walking trails at Expo Park.

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